Services & Capabilities

EASi provides a comprehensive range of services in engineering and sciences. Whether you are looking for a partner to supplement your staff, manage a part of a project or take on an entire project, utilizing our on-site, off-site and offshore capabilities, we custom fit and optimize our services to the needs of each customer.


EASi is a world leader in engineering services, with teams comprised of top talent in the key engineering disciplines. With a deep passion for learning, creating and improving how things work, our engineers combine industry-specific expertise, deep experience and unique insights to ensure we provide the right engineering services for your business.


Mechanical Engineering

Power Delivery Engineering

Embedded Systems

Electrical Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering


There is a simple, elegant beauty to science. The world gets broken down into the predictability of molecules, models and formulas. Our Clinical and Lab teams go beyond managing the science to manage the people and processes that make the science happen. What could be a point of uncertainty becomes a source of innovation to not just respond to your business needs, but anticipate challenges and efficiently deliver with enhanced control, visibility, communication, retention and quality.







Engineering and Sciences are about more than just knowledge of an industry or technology. They apply knowledge and experience to create solutions to specific challenges. We work across disciplines and combine unique perspectives with industry-specific expertise to deliver on the needs of our customers.

About Us

EASi is one of the fastest-growing global leaders providing critical services in engineering and sciences. By adapting to the constantly evolving needs of our customers, we have built specialized expertise and a multidisciplinary perspective  — leveraging cutting-edge technology and processes — to constantly improve and deliver innovation.


We are thinkers, makers and doers — solving problems isn’t just a job, it’s who we are. Our case studies and industry insight articles give a glimpse into the solutions we have already provided to our clients and our latest thinking on emerging trends and technology.