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From automotive to aerospace, the vehicles that move people and products are faster, safer and more efficient than ever. Those impressive results are only made possible by finding new ways to make a wide range of interrelated pieces smaller, lighter, smarter and more durable.

Some people say you can’t have good, fast and low-cost services at the same time, but at EASi, we constantly challenge that idea. We provide our customers a combination of the collaboration and confidentiality of onsite services, the speed of our near-site engineering delivery centers and the cost savings of offshore. We build engineering teams to meet the needs of our customers, whether they’re looking to meet a critical launch date, free up resources to work on other projects or acquire specialized expertise. From conducting R&D and developing prototypes to providing testing and validation to setting up and optimizing production, we are constantly helping our customers to better move the world.

EASi’s expertise in mechanical, electrical, software and manufacturing engineering is helping to make transportation faster, safer and more efficient than ever. We find the weight savings in each product to create a lighter structure, smaller brakes or a more efficient engine to bring it up to speed. Using the latest CAD software to create designs, technical drawings and prototypes, we ensure weight optimization, with more capable interfaces and more appealing surfaces without sacrificing the strength of the structures. 

Beyond the surface, our expertise extends to packaging and integrating the complex array of componentry that makes modern transportation work. EASi runs the testing, simulations and verification to ensure that those components can stand up to years of abuse and still operate to specifications. We also ensure that costs have been managed, not just in each part, but in the how those parts come together during manufacturing and assembly. Within the production facility, EASi can optimize the design and layout of the plant as well as the purchase and installation of all necessary equipment. We can also turn component drawings and models into design machining, welding, forming and assembling tools and fixtures.

As consumers and regulators continue to become more demanding, particularly in automotive, we perform the testing and analysis to ensure ever higher levels of passenger comfort and safety. And we leverage the latest embedded technology to make automotive vehicles smarter, not just to provide a better infotainment experience, but to control all aspects of the vehicle from active safety to emissions systems. From automotive to aerospace, we work in concert to keep our clients ahead of increasing global competition.