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Energy & Utilities

Sustainably powering people and businesses from a diverse range of energy sources with policies that can literally change with the wind takes more than just adding renewable energy generation. It takes a range of skilled experts, from distribution designers to substation engineers, all working together to build a smarter grid.

As the demands on utilities grow, along with many political, social and environmental pressures, so do the challenges of finding qualified engineering talent. EASi has developed a unique ability to build and manage teams that deliver services where they are needed, seamlessly integrating with other operations. Our expertise in meeting engineering needs, combined with extensive planning, operations and design experience, extends from generation to transmission, across all voltage classes.

EASi is backed by a strategic partnership with Aerotek, so our access to engineering talent is unrivaled and ensures we can bring in the right team to meet specific customer needs at the right time. We feature high-level, experienced utility consultants who provide management and formal apprenticeship, combined with specialized experts in the latest technology, working together to develop a future generation of utility engineers.

We recognize our success is closely tied to your success, and we offer a level of adaptability, engagement and delivery that is not often seen in engineering services companies. Our engineers go where the need is, from managing and optimizing operations onsite to planning the next innovation at one of our engineering centers. All while following strict adherences to your standards and a QA/QC process that ensures the highest quality work output. Whether you need complete management of a project or even want to leverage one of our team members to work on a different project, we can adapt to your needs. Together, we can create, manage, design and engineer a smarter way to power the world.