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Learning & Development

As the march of progress continues to advance, even the most experienced engineers, researchers and scientists need to constantly educate themselves on new software, regulations, technologies and emerging trends.

There has never been a greater need for expertise in industry-specific processes and practices. Even the best universities can’t fully prepare graduates to meet the specific demands our customers need. EASi offers a robust repository of industry-specific courses and learning material for engineers. Our rapid-learning, hands-on induction and onboarding training approach brings consultants up to speed on the latest industry-specific technology and research in a compressed time frame. We give you the opportunity to stay on top of the latest techniques, best practices, trends and regulatory implications through our ongoing education programs. While these programs utilize continuous learning processes, we utilize our environment that allows you to seize your career growth and self-development at your own pace.

We combine specific company, industry and technical knowledge  to fit the culture and needs of each of our customers. Utilizing the latest research, learning management and mentorship from top subject matter experts, classroom and video sessions combined with interactive tools, workstation training and best practice written materials. And the understanding of these topics stays current and deepens through workshops, industry visits, webinars and seminars. Across industries and technologies like IoT, robotics, data and more, we ensure our consultants have the right domain knowledge for each customer.