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Medical Devices

While we may not have achieved the bionic advances of science fiction yet, a wide range of medical devices from implants to braces to health monitors are helping us live longer, healthier lives. Through constant development, testing and optimization, we help our customers design and manufacture more advanced and cost-effective medical devices.

The need for precision is nowhere more evident than when a device directly contacts our body or even becomes a part of it. Whether it is a heart pump or a harness, EASi’s design, prototyping, modeling and simulation experts ensure that the device not only works, but works with the user’s body. Beyond the hospital or doctor’s office, public policy has shifted emphasis from “pay for service” to “pay for value,” creating a need to not just offer products, but also solutions such as health monitoring and remote treatment.

Our Expertise
With increasing competition and increasing demand from an aging population, the need to efficiently and cost-effectively bring medical devices to market has never been greater. Utilizing our extensive experience in electronics/hardware design, embedded systems, software and data management, we help our customers take medical care to where people live.
Our engineers improve and speed up medical device manufacturing, from tooling design and development, to process simulation and automation.
Our lab services test medical devices to ensure quality, reducing waste and improving product consistency.
Our clinical services help take medical devices from prototype through regulatory approval to production readiness.
To further support customers on existing products, EASi offers product sustenance such as:

  • Remediation
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Regulatory Compliance Maintenance
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Mechanical Design & Analysis

Beyond the product itself, EASi supports customers with medical writing  and technical documentation, from training manuals and operating procedures to regulatory filings and translation. We also bring testing and engineering support to the field to help diagnose, repair and maintain equipment. In an ever more litigious and regulated environment, EASi also has the expertise in testing, verification and validation to ensure cost reductions do not sacrifice FDA and EU regulatory approval and compliance.

Consultative Approach
As pressures mount to control costs while simultaneously developing new advancements, EASi has the flexibility to offer engineering services that seamlessly integrate with the operations of our customers. Our ability  to bring engineers on-site ensures IP security, speeds communication, enhances collaboration and helps our customers concentrate on creating the advancements that keep them ahead of the competition. When increased speed or niche expertise is needed, we can extend our services through secure connections to our onshore engineering centers, offshore facilities and partners across the supply chain. By working together, we help our customers succeed at providing the devices that make people healthier.