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Embedded Systems

As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, so do the imaginations of the engineers who make everything from household appliances to transportation systems smarter. Which in turn makes us all smarter.

Our embedded systems capabilities include:
  • Application Software Development
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Hardware Development
  • High-End Board Design
  • Firmware Development
  • Product Design
  • System Testing, Unit Testing, Verification & Validation
  • Integration
Our Expertise
Our expertise in design, integration, testing and verification securely connects hardware and software to the sensors, actuators and indicators that allow embedded systems to interact with the world around them. EASi engineers are working with various customers as they get connected to the IoT in their industrial space through services in the realm of sensor based data collection, cloud connectivity and data analytics.

From medical equipment to heavy trucks, we make many of the systems that enable the advanced technology in these machines. Whether it is the GPS systems that enable agricultural machinery to operate semi-autonomously, or the various sensor systems that help prevent accidents in cars, we help our customers do amazing things with embedded technology.

Project Performance
We optimize systems for efficiency, speed and cost, ensuring they operate flawlessly each and every time. Our engineers meticulously apply their expertise, resources and technical skills to solve problems for our clients, on time and as promised. We never forget that the systems we create keep our clients a step ahead of ever-increasing global competition. We help our customers accomplish remarkable things — by designing, integrating, third-party testing and verifying the technology needed to meet today’s challenges for building intelligent, well-connected systems.

And as embedded systems continue to grow and evolve — from medical devices that alert doctors of a problem to simple touch screens that control your home to self-driving cars — science fiction is quickly becoming reality. EASi leads the way with new and better processes as we continue to expand our capabilities in newer and better platforms.