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The conclusions drawn in clinical trials are only as valid as the testing performed. From site to medical and data monitoring, we police the process to ensure government regulations and client SOPs are met throughout all clinical trial stages.

As advances in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology have allowed for more automation and efficiency, from remote monitoring to electronic data management, there is still a need for direct monitoring on-site. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, we ensure these different methods work together to form the first layer of defense of the validity of the trial, even in the most complex research protocols. 

Consultative Approach
Whether monitoring for source document verification or more systemic problems, proper documentation and communication keep trials on track, avoiding shutdowns. By ensuring Good Clinical Practice (GCP) objectives and each customer’s processes and procedures are followed, rather than forcing them to follow our processes, we do things your way. But by taking a proactive, consultative approach to anticipate risks before they become issues, we make your way better.

Our Expertise
Combining the latest in technology and process optimization, we speed up monitoring and make it more predictable. With a central point of contact and class-leading retention, continuity of monitoring is maintained throughout the trials. By staying consistent but flexible to the needs of each customer, our monitoring teams ensure clinical trials are conducted with full regulatory and process compliance from start to finish.