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Lab Support Services

Staying on top of the latest technology is tough enough, but it can become unmanageable without the right support. From lab design and setup down to the smallest administrative detail, our support services keep our customers focused on generating results.

Our lab support services include:
  • Glass Washing
  • Material Management & Analysis
  • Laboratory Preparation & Support
  • Document Control
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Batch Record Management
Whether it is glassware cleaning, preparing samples or providing documentation and administrative support, we focus on being scalable and flexible. Utilizing LIMS and the latest technology, our operations, records, data and workflow are automated and integrated to be as secure and efficient as possible. Using our global capabilities, we can take support functions off-site or offshore to speed up delivery or reduce costs, while maintaining compliance with a wide range of regulations and industry standards, including A2LA, ISO, ASTM, and more.

Our Expertise
Our cross-functional capabilities utilize a multi-disciplinary approach across service offerings, delivering consistent communication and smooth collaboration. We have exclusive access to hard-to-find, specialized expertise  committed to your project milestones. So, whether we are insourcing an entire project team or filling a specific need, we provide the right people to deliver and execute on deliverables.

Consultative Approach
We listen carefully to ensure all the needs of our clients are delivered with the highest quality. From analytical chemistry and microbiology assays to instrumentation and SOP generated data, our focus on quality control ensures lab results are generated efficiently and error-free. Whether we are scaling up operations, filling gaps by taking on repeatable tasks to free up bandwidth or providing expertise outside of core competency, we give our customers the confidence to concentrate on what they do best.