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Manufacturing Support

In the fast-paced, constantly optimizing world of manufacturing, lab testing and quality control need to keep up with the speed of production. From raw materials or components from suppliers through to the final product, we conduct material, physical, chemical and biological testing to assure safety and quality for the consumer.

A production line stoppage can be costly, but quality issues and the resulting recalls can have an even larger impact on a company. Our experts have experience with the latest technology and testing automation, allowing larger samples to be tested more thoroughly and catching potential issues earlier. Through constant process optimization, we help our customers test more efficiently and reach new levels of quality assurance.

Our Approach
Our consultative approach goes beyond just testing the products being produced — it’s helping manufacture them better. We provide input in manufacturing setup to incorporate Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and automation to reduce errors throughout the process. Taking a holistic view, we provide input to design engineers and R&D to help optimize the products for manufacturing engineering, while working seamlessly with manufacturing engineers to improve production.

Our Expertise
Backed by our flexible delivery models and unmatched ability to access specialized talent, we deliver the right, specialized expertise and services where you need it. Whether we are testing the fat content of ice cream, petrochemical compounds for vehicle interior panels or any other potential need in manufacturing, you can be assured our manufacturing support has the right expertise to fit your specific needs and keep production lines moving.