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EASi is a world leader in engineering services, with teams comprised of top talent in the key engineering disciplines of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Power Delivery Engineering and Embedded Systems. With a deep passion for learning, creating and improving how things work, our engineers combine industry-specific expertise, deep experience and unique insights to ensure we provide the right engineering services for your business.

Mechanical Engineering

Solving mechanical engineering problems for our customers is one of the things we do best. Combining an in-depth knowledge of physics with the latest technology and practical experience, our mechanical engineers create and constantly improve the machines our customers build and use to make them faster, stronger and more efficient.

Embedded Systems

As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, so do the imaginations of the engineers who make everything from household appliances  to transportation  systems smarter. Which in turn makes us all smarter. We keep our customers ahead of the competition by creating the systems within the systems that make things work.

Electrical Engineering

It's called the spark of invention for a reason. Great minds are continuously creating new ways to harness electricity and impact almost every aspect of our daily lives. From figuring out how to make a simple control circuit smaller and more elegant to developing more efficient ways to transmit power across a country, our electrical engineers connect the components that make modern life possible.

Manufacturing Engineering

As the world population grows and consumers become more demanding, the competition to efficiently bring products  to market has never been greater. Our manufacturing engineers constantly design new operations, optimize processes and cut waste to achieve levels of manufacturing efficiency once thought impossible.

Global Capabilities Model

Technology has made the world smaller, but sometimes you need the immediacy and confidentiality of someone standing beside you. By combining and coordinating on-site, onshore, and offshore capabilities with our flexible model and access to the top talent around the world, we can provide services in Engineering and Sciences uniquely suited to the needs of our customers.