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Engineering and Sciences are about more than just knowledge of an industry or technology. They apply knowledge and experience to create solutions to specific challenges. We work across disciplines and combine unique perspectives with industry-specific expertise to deliver on the needs of our customers.

Aerospace and Defense

EASi’s engineering services help OEMs and integrators accomplish quality work quickly through flexible program delivery and unmatched access to engineering talent.

Energy & Utilities

Sustainably powering people and businesses from a diverse range of energy sources with policies that can literally change with the wind takes more than just adding renewable energy generation. It takes a range of skilled experts, from distribution designers to substation engineers, all working together to build a smarter grid.

Consumer & Industrial Products

Keeping up with increasing demand in a globally competitive marketplace requires companies to not just work harder, but to work smarter. Our engineers help our customers better manage resources, automate and virtually eliminate waste, while protecting the intellectual property that keeps them at the cutting edge.

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

It all comes down to time. Whether it’s a few more years of vitality or a few more days with your family, the breakthrough drugs we help bring to market push back against the temporary nature of the human condition. So, while we help our clients cut development costs and launch with excellence by safely trimming clinical trial timelines, quickly processing lab results, efficiently setting up manufacturing; and improving quality, we never forget the patients anxiously waiting for relief or a little more time.


From automotive to aerospace, the vehicles that move people and products are faster, safer and more efficient than ever. Those impressive results are only made possible by finding new ways to make a wide range of interrelated pieces smaller, lighter, smarter and more durable

Heavy Equipment

We have been able to feed a growing population and literally move mountains with the strength and power of heavy equipment. But through the latest technology, we are able to make these behemoths smarter and more efficient, increasing productivity and reliability while reducing environmental impact.

Medical Devices

While we may not have achieved the bionic advances of science fiction yet, a wide range of medical devices from implants to braces to health monitors are helping us live longer, healthier lives. Through constant development, testing and optimization, we help our customers design and manufacture more advanced and cost-effective medical devices.

Academic & Health Care Research

Every cure starts with an idea that needs to grow and develop to succeed, and the research done at academic institutions, specialized foundations and health care systems is more crucial than ever in order to improve health outcomes. We support basic research, applied research and clinical research services to advance initial concepts within the lab, while providing research support for phases I through III, late phase and real world evidence studies for clinical trials. Our goal is to get your breakthrough research to market where people and companies can use it most.